Credit Card Fraud Attorney in Los Angeles

Credit card fraud covers a range of crimes that involve the fraudulent use of a credit card or any type of access device such as a bank card or debit card and the like. The most common form credit card fraud is when an individual uses someone else's credit card number to make purchases. This crime is called “misappropriation.” (Misappropriation is commonly associated with Computer Fraud, which is related to fraudulent use of credit card numbers over the Internet.)

Acts which may be considered as access device or credit card fraud include:

  • Stealing a credit card
  • Using someone else's credit card without authorization
  • Fraudulently acquiring a credit card through the mail (i.e., illegally accessing a mailbox, taking credit cards from, etc.)
  • Counterfeiting credit cards
  • Deliberately misrepresenting information on a credit card application
  • Creating a fake web site for the purpose of gaining credit card numbers from sign-ups
  • Unauthorized use of a credit card number

An individual does not need to have possession of a credit card in order to commit and be charged with access device fraud. Penalties for those convicted of access device or credit card fraud include a prison time of up to 10 or 20 years and/or financial retribution.

If you are being charged with a federal criminal access device fraud case, contact our attorneys at the Joe Shemaria Law Firm. We can help you navigate your way through these charges and explain any violations to your rights. Our lawyers are able to resolve access device fraud cases satisfactorily and minimize many of the negative consequences. Our federal criminal lawyers can help you defend your rights.