Fighting Arson Charges

In California, arson is a felony. Arson is when someone willfully and maliciously burns public or private property. Arson charges are taken very seriously, and law enforcement will use advanced methods to determine the cause of a fire.

In addition to the cause of the fire, law enforcement will look to find the motivation behind it. Often, they will look for motives, such as:

  • Domestic disputes or domestic violence situations
  • Destroying evidence from another crime
  • Insurance fraud

Understanding An Arson Charge

To be found guilty of arson, the prosecution must prove that the defendant had willful and malicious intent when starting the fire. The prosecution must be able to show that the defendant was setting the fire with the intent to defraud or injure the other party. No matter how small the fire, showing intent is a crucial part of the prosecution’s case.

Arson is a serious crime, and the prosecution will waste no time working on a case against you. If you have been accused of arson in California, you need to talk to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Talking to an attorney early ensures you will have the most options available to you for your arson defense.

The Best Defense Starts Early

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