When someone obtains goods or services or financial gain by the use of threats, he or she commits extortion. Various types of threats may be used for extortion, including:

  • Threatening to reveal secrets which could damage a person’s public reputation
  • Threatening to reveal secrets which could damage the reputation of a person’s business, leading to financial losses
  • Threats to impose future injury or to accuse the victim of a felony (If a threat involves bodily harm it is considered extortion if the injury is not immediate, but can lead to serious harm in the indeterminate future.)
  • Threats by government officials
  • Threats of injury or death

If you are being suspected of an extortion crime, you need a strong criminal defense so that you can dismiss or reduce the charges that may be brought against you.

Anyone may be found guilty of extortion, be they public servants, law enforcement officers or just individuals. A public servant may be charged with extortion if he/she demands anything that is not due him/her via legal means. The same applies to law enforcement officers who accept fees greater than those permitted by law or if they coerce a person they have arrested to pay them off either monetarily or otherwise. Receiving money or property is central to a crime of extortion, especially in cases where the abuse of authority is involved.

Extortion is a federal crime. Individuals who are found guilty of such crimes may face sentences of up to 20 years in federal prison as well as civil action and large fines. If you or someone you know has received any type of extortion charge, contact a federal criminal defense attorney immediately to ensure your rights are protected. Shemaria Law Offices is prepared to defend persons charged with extortion. Our federal criminal defense attorneys are highly experienced in federal court systems and can provide a full defense regardless of the powers of the prosecution against you. We are equipped with the resources needed to successfully defend you against cases of extortion. Call Shemaria Law Offices and speak with a federal criminal defense attorney today: 310-278-2660 or 800-898-9555 toll free.

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