Federal vs. State

Why Defending the Accused in California Courts Gives Mr. Shemaria an Edge over Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Limit their Practice to State Court?

If you wanted to be the best you could be at what you do, some variety is essential. Federal Criminal law, from every U.S. District Court, has kept pace with changing, highly questionable law enforcement procedures first etched in California state criminal courts. One example of federal court finally adopting a California criminal court practice is the “exclusionary ride,” which makes evidence seized in violation of the right of privacy inadmissible as evidence at a criminal trial. The rule started in a California case (People v. Kahan) in 1955 and became the law in all federal courts in 1961 (Mapp v. Ohio).

This is but one example of how practicing in California state courts broadens the imagination and creativity of a criminal defense lawyer who spends 50% of his time in Federal Court defending against the same basic government attempt to deprive you of your liberty.

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