Forcible Sex Acts

Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

Forcible sex acts such as rape are among the most devastating criminal charges which anyone can suffer. An individual may be arrested for violent sex crimes even without corroborating or forensic evidence.

Under Penal Code Section 261, forcible rape is defined as sexual intercourse without the consent of the alleged victim. Even in the absence of physical force, the prosecution may charge a defendant with rape if the victim is physically or mentally disabled, or intoxicated. Violations of Penal Code 288 and 289 such as sodomy, forced oral copulation and rape using a foreign object may also be prosecuted under the charge of forcible sex acts.

Under the Penal Code, rape is considered a violent offense. If convicted, a defendant may serve a minimum of three to eight years in prison per count of rape. He or she will be subject to probation, sex offender registration for life and substantial fines, not to mention damages and restitution to the victim. A sentence may be further enhanced if the defendant caused great bodily injury to the victim or has a prior sex crime conviction on record.

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