Understanding Health Care Fraud Charges

Anyone who provides, receives or otherwise insures or pays for health care could potentially face a health care fraud accusation. Health care fraud is intentionally deceiving or misrepresenting any part of a health care transaction to receive financial gain or use unauthorized benefits.

Often people accused of health care fraud do not know they did something wrong until an investigation has already started. Acts such as unorthodox billing processes can trigger an investigation.

Types Of Health Care Fraud

Whether done by individuals, employers or another health care professional, there are a lot of acts that can lead to a health care fraud accusation, including:

  • Enrolling employees in plans for which they are not eligible
  • Filing a report for health care services not received
  • Using someone else’s insurance card
  • Making false claims
  • Changing an employee’s hire or termination dates to expand coverage dates
  • Performing and billing for unnecessary services

Building A Strong Defense

Health care fraud charges can get very complex. It is important to contact a California attorney experienced specifically in health care fraud as soon as possible to start working on a strong defense. Often the best defense is one that starts before or during the initial investigation and before you are charged.

Shemaria Law Offices have been defending health care fraud cases for almost 50 years. We understand how to build your defense so you have a compelling case.

Start Your Defense Early

We are ready to help you build a strong defense in your health care fraud case. Contact our Los Angeles Office at 310-278-2660 or toll-free 800-898-9555. You can also contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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