Identity Theft Lawyer in Los Angeles

Identity theft consists of fraudulently obtaining and using someone else's personal information. It is one of the most heavily penalized of federal crimes, affecting millions of Americans each year and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Acts that may be considered identity theft include:

  • Internet Identity Theft
  • Social Security Identity Theft
  • Bank Identity Theft
  • Computer Identity Theft
  • Credit Card Identity Theft

The California Penal Code Section 530 defines identity fraud as any person that unlawfully and intentionally acquires and retains possession of personal identifying information of another person. Whether a person has gained access to another's personal information or mail and uses the information to create a type of identity card for the purpose of gaining items to which they are not entitled, such as money or benefits. Identity theft is a felony, as provided by the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998. This act was placed into effect to punish individuals at the federal level, and includes fines and punishments for those convicted of up to 25 years federal imprisonment.

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