Understanding Felony Identity Theft

Charges of identity theft do not necessarily require using stolen information. Stealing the information alone is enough to be facing a felony charge in the state of California.

To prove identity theft, the prosecution has to show that the defendant acquired another person’s personal identity unlawfully and intentionally. The actual theft can take place through the mail, the internet, over the phone or in person. Regardless of the method of the theft, identity theft charges are serious and can include acts, such as:

  • Stealing banking information
  • Social security theft
  • Using the internet to steal personal information
  • Taking credit card information

What If I Have Been Charged With Identity Theft Fraud?

If the prosecution is already building the case against you, you need to have a strong defense. To make matters worse, if there is an underlying white collar felony crime, there is the possibility of an aggravated charge being added to the original charge.

If you are facing identity theft charges, it is important to talk to a skilled California attorney right away. The best defense is one that starts early. There may be options that are available only at certain stages of the case, and getting an early start ensures that you will have more of those options available to you.

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