Joseph Shemaria Saved MY LIFE!!!

REALLY? Did this really happen? Oh my God, YES! It really did happen and it happened to ME!

It seemed I had everything going for me at the time. I had graduated from a very prestigious private (and expensive) undergraduate school and continued right on into law school. I had also just recently married and had a child when I was arrested by the FBI and DEA for trafficking in controlled substances in July, 2011. That’s when the nightmare started. I learned that I had been indicted by a grand jury for conspiracy and violating 21 USC 841—Trafficking in controlled substances. Was this the worst nightmare possible? YOU BET IT WAS. I saw my whole future go down the toilet. I had tons of college loans to pay back and a young wife and baby to support and now I was headed for the big house, according to my lawyer.

I worked day and night in the law library trying to be my own lawyer and to see if my lawyer was doing the right thing. But it turns out federal court has much different procedures than state court in California and I went from July, 2011 until February, 2013 with the same private attorney who was supposed to be an expert in federal criminal law and was a part of the “panel” of private attorneys that received appointments by the federal court.

I went 19 months without a good nights sleep. Just before falling asleep, I cannot help thinking about what it might be like in prison. The first thing I thought about in the morning was I did not get a good night’s sleep and my nightmare was still with me.

I was Internet savvy and I went through every federal criminal defense lawyer practicing in California. Being a recent law school graduate myself, I naturally looked at what law school they went to, when they graduated and how soon they were admitted to the California Bar. I looked at how many years of experience they had practicing “FEDERAL” criminal defense law. In short, I looked at everything that I could and I visited the offices of the top six or seven federal criminal defense attorneys in Southern California.

While I was not that impressed with Joe Shemaria’s website, because it did not have the “testimonials” from former clients like some of the other top federal defense lawyers, what I read in his website immediately struck me like a bolt of lightning. He had been an Editor on the prestigious UCLA Law Review and published an article in the UCLA Law Review. In addition, he graduated at the top of his class, earning him the prestigious award “Order of the Coif.” On top of that, he commenced trying federal criminal cases in 1970 and was still going strong when I met him in February, 2013.

As soon as I switched attorneys, things immediately started happening on my case! Immediately, Mr. Shemaria went to work filing motions in the United States District Court. The motions were so powerful that I thought I was going to go to the bathroom in my pants when the federal prosecutor complimented Mr. Shemaria in open court in front of the federal judge and all of the people in the courtroom who, like me, were amazed by what was said. The federal prosecutor thanked Mr. Shemaria for digging into the discovery and finding a tiny, but very, very critical to my case, error that the prosecutor had overlooked. From that day on, once again— after 19 months of never getting but to three hours of decent sleep at night due to worry—I once again, slept like a baby after that day in court.

Shortly after winning the motions, the case came to a rather dramatic and fantastic ending! MY CASE WAS DISMISSED!!! JOE KNOWS HOW TO WIN!!