Joseph Shemaria Thank You

I was arrested last year for shoplifting and because I was intoxicated, I fought with the store security personnel that tried to arrest me outside of the market. The woman security guard claimed I bit her and she still had permanent scars she showed the court at my felony preliminary hearing.

Both me and my wife have green cards and work five or six days a week. I had a prior conviction before I met Mr. Shemaria.

I must say that Mr. Shemaria “stayed the course” fr me. His tenacity and unending legal fight for me and his experience to do the necessary work to expose the background and lack of experience of one if the security guards caused the prosecution to drop the felony charges to a misdemeanor that did not hurt my immigration status!

I received only “time served”(one day). Joe would meet us on Saturdays and Sundays at a convenient place between his office and where we lived as both me and my wife worked long hours Monday through Friday and could only meet on the weekends. His fees were very reasonable and he allowed us a payment plan. Were it not for Mr. Shemaria, my children, grandchildren and my wife would all have to had to go on with their lives without me or visit me in my home country, very far away.

I recommend Mr. Shemaria very highly as he would go to any extreme lengths in fighting for his client even though the evidence against his client was very strong. Mr. Shemaria convinced us that he was not in law just for money, but it was his “life’s work” to do good things for ordinary people like us and to keep families together, keep people from having to pay with their right to remain in this Country for their own sometimes stupid mistakes.