Tax Fraud

Evasion of taxes due to the Internal Revenue Service could lead to tax penalties and a felony record. Anyone who owes government taxes can become a target of the IRS for tax fraud or evasion. In most cases, people find out they are being investigated even before they are charged. Some examples of tax fraud or evasion include failing to file a return, failing to pay taxes that are due, or falsifying information to the IRS.

Any of the below actions may be counted as tax fraud:

  • Failing to declare income
  • Falsifying books or records
  • Claiming fake deductions
  • Claiming fake dependants
  • Underreporting income
  • Overstating deductions
  • Hiding or transferring assets
  • Using illegal offshore tax shelters

The Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS (CID) takes tax evasion cases seriously, and so penalties for tax evasion can be harsh, whether for civil or federal. The Joe Shemaria Law Firm represents individuals and businesses throughout the state of California who are being investigated for or have been charged with tax fraud. We work to get charges dismissed or significantly reduced, and can bargain down penalties. We can help you make a voluntary disclosure to the IRS if you are uncertain you have committed a tax crime. We have the legal counsel you can count on.

If you are being charged with a federal criminal tax case by the IRS, you and your attorney can still try to resolve your tax issues and reduce the likelihood of prosecution. Attorneys at the Joe Shemaria Law Firm can meet with government lawyers at each stage and explain any unsupported charges or violations. Our lawyers are able to resolve tax fraud cases satisfactorily and minimize many negative consequences. Our federal criminal lawyers can help you defend your rights.