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White collar crimes are not violent crimes; they are crimes that deal with fraud and deception. Since many white collar crimes happen internationally or across state lines, they are charged and prosecuted on the federal level. If convicted, the penalties and punishments can be severe.

Often the investigation of a white collar crime starts before the defendant even knows that there was an accusation. This is why it is critical to talk to an attorney experienced in defending white collar crime as soon as possible. The prosecution has already started working on their case. Having a strong advocate building your defense is important.

Understanding Different Types Of Fraud Crimes

Fraud crimes involve deceiving a person into giving up money, information or both. There are several types of crimes that fall under this category, including:

Conspiracy Charges Are Serious

Helping someone plan or commit a crime can lead to a conspiracy charge or an aiding and abetting charge. Often when these crimes are prosecuted, the person ‘helping’ can be seen as equally guilty as the person who committed the underlying crime.

Conspiracy crimes can cover a wide range of crimes including drug crimes and white collar crimes. Even if the crime is never completed, there could still be a charge for planning the crime in the first place.

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