Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud occurs when a person or entity posing as an insurance bureau or company fraudulently obtains information for some gain or advantage to which they are not otherwise eligible. An alleged insurance fraud act committed in the state of California is pursued federally, and may be pursued interchangeably with mail fraud, felony racketeering and other similar offenses.

Acts which may be considered as insurance fraud include:

  • Scamming, which includes “padding,” or inflating actual claims
  • Misrepresenting details on an insurance application
  • Submitting claims for injuries or damage which never happened
  • “Staging” accidents
  • Falsification of auto accident injuries or other auto accident related claims
  • Falsely obtaining unemployment, disability, workers compensation benefits
  • Kickback schemes

If you are being accused of an insurance fraud crime, you should immediately consult an expert insurance fraud federal criminal defense lawyer to preserve your rights, especially before you're questioned by the police investigators. Prosecutors will factor in your attorney's experience in evaluating your case, so you need an attorney with a reputation for winning big cases. We at Joe Shemaria Law Firm seek to defend your rights so that insurance fraud charges against you are significantly reduced or dismissed. Call us now for a free consultation.